Red Hood / Arsenal #9 review


Cat’s TidBits: We’re still in the Nethers and Joker’s Daughter is finally stepping up to the ‘hero’ role; Somewhere between the craziness, Red Hood and Arsenal are around to save each other and push some sense into J.D.


Cheesy much? I don’t want to hate, cause haters gonna always hate, but this was a little over the top. I’m going to come out and blurt it out, but who else saw that ending coming? Guess, I’ll start from the top. I actually enjoyed the beginning where Jason reminds himself of his training with Batman and a few others; this is a line that a lot of comic books use, but I will love it every single time they use it. When they refer back to their training with Batman; Batman really is our main guy. Everyone looks up to him and has the upmost respect towards the way he especially trains people.


I won’t complain about the art. They’re doing exactly what the writing is telling them to do, but I still would enjoy more emphasis on the eyes. I really don’t know what it is when it comes to eyes and mouth. Maybe, it’s because I read people everyday as a career and this is crucial when I read comic books as well. It all comes down to facial expressions and how that character is going to react; I even like predicting what’s going to happen next, but in this case. Not a good thing.


This particular art, I did enjoy a lot. It reminded me of The Walking Dead‘s, “The Governor” character and it created this two-face type of persona. You have this character, Charon, who has become so delusional in his head thinking that J.D. should be blamed for honestly physically altering his face (if we really come down to it.) Did we really have to be reminded constantly about J.D.’s guilty conscious and even having Red Hood and Arsenal convince her that it’s not her fault? I mean, really. I would never imagine that Jason Todd, Jason FREAKING Todd, would allow himself to be compassionate for someone that he has absolute no connection to. When she first appeared in this comic book, this was something that he had stated; he felt that she needed saving, because she reminded him of his younger self.


I have to admit. Despite all the cheesiness in this entire issue, that one line really stood out for me. “Soon the people above will be engulfed by flames, and you, my children, will dance among their ashes.” The imagery in just that one sentence was something that Lobdell actually did right. Other than that, no bueno.



So… does that mean that technically J.D. killed someone? I mean, I know she was sacrificing herself (or possibly just having some suicidal ideations), but I thought Red Hood and Arsenal didn’t do that type of stuff? Ha, oh well.

The Good: I can only say that there were a few quotes that I enjoyed.

The Bad: It was just cheesy. That’s not my style. I expected a little bit more from this issue with Joker’s Daughter, but I think I can honestly say that I’m done with her.

Recommended If:

  • You like cheesy endings.
  • You like cheesy encouragement quotes.
  • You want to read something to pass your time when you’re bored.


Overall: Lobdell needs to step it up on his writing. There are times that I enjoy reading this comic book, but most I’m trying to figure out what is happening. We had Charon for the past two issues and he didn’t do anything other than complain about J.D. and then try to sink Gotham back to the underground (or the other way around–not sure what it would be considered). At the same time, we need to respect the character personalities that we have known these characters to have for the longest time. Jason is not a cheesy guy and although I usually enjoy seeing different sides to a character, that’s not him.


Score: 3/10