Teen Titans Go! Digital Issue #28 review


In my review of the recent Batgirl/Harley Quinn special, I pointed out how much of a jerk Batman was.  Little did I realize how quickly he would be outdone.

That’s some Namor-level jerkfaceness right there.

After wishing for a fairy godmother, only to have Beast Boy rain all over her parade, that delicate flower Starfire retreats to cry while the other Titans smack Beast Boy around for breaking her heart.

Soon, a fairy godmother shows up looking for Starfire, and Beast Boy is the only one around.

You know where this is going.


Of course Garth takes full advantage of the situation, wishing for silly things (attention from girls) and things of great importance (a crapload of pizza), but something just felt off.  It’s a funny concept, but as nice as the issue looks Lea Hernandez doesn’t go far enough with it.  Visually speaking, this story certainly could have benefitted from being a ten minute cartoon rather than static images on a page.

Sholly Fisch, who’s usually dependable for at least a few laughs, doesn’t seem to be fully invested in this story either, though there were a few moments of unexpected snappy dialogue.


There are also some obscure cameos, and the revelation that there’s at least one other character named Starfire out there that I wasn’t aware of.

I’ll let you decide which one.

This series is always zany and weird, which is perfectly fine.  In fact, it’s to be expected from a property that has episodes covering such topics as the eternal war of supremacy between burgers and burritos and a jive-talking Birdarang.  With a concept like this, though, the fact that it didn’t go far enough with the goofiness made it a disappointment.

You know what you’re getting when you come to a book like this, so predictability isn’t a problem; it’s just a fun story, perfectly harmless and enjoyable.  I just wish it had pushed the envelope more, that it had gone overboard with the concept, and that it hadn’t ended with the three most cliche wishes there are.


I’m sorry, Star, but Zayn isn’t coming back.

And now I feel like a jerk.

Recommended if: 

  • You like the Teen Titans Go! tv show.
  • You just want some simple, silly fun.
  • You want an all-ages comic to read with your kids.

Overall: It’s actually been a pretty good streak of solid stories on this title, so a disappointment is to be expected.  There are some laughs and a few nice surprises, but ultimately this story felt like a storyboard for a cartoon rather than a comic in itself.

SCORE: 6/10