Report: Warner Bros. is worried about ‘Batman v Superman’, but not because of its quality

Last week HitFix reported that Warner Bros. was worried about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the internet freaked out! Now a second source, Batman on Film, backs up that story, but for a different reason.

According to BOF, Warner Bros. is indeed concerned about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but not because of the quality of the movie. They’re more concerned about how the audience will respond to it, and how it will perform at the box office. BOF speculates that the mainstream audience is used to the “popcorn” movies that Marvel produces, and won’t respond well to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s deep story, which was written by Oscar winner Chris Terrio.

Update: Batman News reacts to this news on the latest podcast!

All of this concern is understandable. Warner Bros. has a lot riding on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If it’s not a success, the future of DC Comics movies, including Justice League, could be at risk.

SOURCE: HitFix, Batman on Film