Titans Hunt #5 review


Cat’s TidBits: We finally get some answers! The Titans are back on the hunt to find out what has been haunting them, memories that they can’t seem to remember and Mr. Twister is only getting started.

Things are finally stirring up and revealing themselves to be one crazy rollercoaster ride. Can I just quickly point out that referencing back to the past and then present is really working out? Like really working out. It’s done so well. I don’t feel confused at all and it’s easy to keep up with the main plot here. So, Mr. Twister. He’s a little.. twisted? That’s me attempting to be funny. But in all seriousness, what is his deal?! Obviously, he’s evil. And he’s using Herald’s abilities for his evil plan, which is what exactly?


Here’s something that’s pretty enjoyable to see, the gang getting back together, but not really together. You have all of these characters that used to be part of the Teen Titans and they’re at different locations, but we’re slowly getting the reunion and it’s not going as smooth as we expected. Yes, they have all of these memories that are tying them to each other, but that doesn’t mean that they know what’s going on. And I LOVE THIS. It’s interesting to see a comic book use that to their advantage, so that the reader can still be surprised.


I had to include this photo in here, because it’s too cute! Look at their determined faces, even though it’s a serious moment.


Whoops, Nightwing! Did you hear yourself?

Even though yes, this comic book surprises us at every turn and has been for the past four issues, this one was a little predictable. And did we really have to explain things that were obvious? There were so many frames that did this. One example was when Garth said, “It is as though we did this secretly, then forgot it on purpose” and Nightwing replies, “No this is deliberate, it’s as though we had to forget it all.” OBVIOUSLY, guys. I just feel like us, the reader, already knew this. I don’t know why it had to be said out loud, it’s assumed. But, whatever. It was just a tad annoying, because that wasn’t the only frame where something obvious had to be said by one character AND then again by a different character right afterwards.


I guess Lilith isn’t too happy to see her favorite clients. *HA*

The Good: At least we’re finally getting some answers and that I am relieved to see. The artwork colors was good and I always love it when we are able to see the facial expressions matching to what the writer is trying to give us. We have a certain way that we see it in our heads and that’s done correctly.

The Bad: Some things were repetitive (like I mentioned earlier) – and obvious, but I may be a little picky. Mr. Twister is coming off a little annoying, because he’s so demanding and is making Malcolm do things that we’re still not completely sure why, but I guess the upcoming issues will go ahead and explain that.

Recommended If:

  • You like the Teen Titans and want to see the gang back together!
  • You enjoy past and present-type of scenes.


Overall: I was expecting a better way to explain the plot issue here; Yes, we got answers, but it was explained so many times that it lost the value of what they were trying to give us. This issue compared to the four before lacked that storyline that I tend to gravitate for, maybe I hyped myself way too much? Either way, now that we have a small reunion, we get to see all of our characters interact with each other to find out Mr. Twister’s evil plan.


Score: 5.5/10