Justice League 3001 #9 review


Cat’s TidBits: Lady Styx has finally gotten ‘secret weapon’, but will this weapon be enough to destroy our new Justice League?

I’m starting to now slightly doubt where this is going… I’m feeling overwhelmed when I read this comic book. Anyone else? I suppose we’ll start with the creativity of it: storyline seems to be falling apart a bit and I know I’m being harsh, but I’ve been all over the place with this issue. Lady Styx isn’t all that much of a villain when she has Eclipso doing her work, but I guess these are what villains do right? So, that they can live… and their minions do all their work? All this time, our Justice League is hiding out on Planet Takron-Galtos in hopes that they can someway try to figure out how to destroy the Scullions.


That’s Eclipso… Not a pretty sight to see. On a side note, this looks very 80s.

FINALLY, The Flash takes her time to figure out how the Scullions can be destroyed; slightly annoyed that it took a while to figure it out, because I feel like the writers gave in to the way that society see women as weak. Yeah, I went there. This entire time, I’ve been saying how I am enjoying that it’s an almost all female-Justice League. But I am positive that it would’ve taken Batman and Superman less time to figure out  how to solve the problem and without all the whining and complaining. This is seriously an issue in society. We see it all the time in movies, video games, and now comics.


Wonder Woman is kicking some Scullion-butt in this issue and I was happy to see that she was dominating in her personality and character. There’s also that moment where I’m talking about the gender-differences when The Flash is being whiny and having to talk herself through it that she can do this. It was a relief to see that strong-female lead, but I also have to remind myself that Wonder Woman is always like this. This is her personality.


Ouch, that was slightly harsh, Wonder Woman.

The Good: It was extremely action-packed. And by extremely, I mean, it was a lot going on. I personally didn’t mind the hard work that went into the art with this issue. Justice League 3001 is another one that has amazing art, but we’re also in the future. It has to be like this.

The Bad: I was really disappointed with how this female Justice League is turning out. This was something that they could’ve used to turn the typical societal move on the way that females are seen. We’re in a new era guys! I mean, come on. Even CBS’s Supergirl is doing a better job on this.

Recommended If:

  • If you like action – this is your issue!
  • If you like Wonder Woman kicking some butt.
  • You love colorful artwork.


Overall: It took me a while to finish this review, mostly because I was putting it off. I have to admit that it was pretty hard trying to review this, for the most obvious reason. Things like this really upset me, when you have the chance to keep on writing strong female characters with their personalities and they go the exact opposite. I’m an avid comic book reader, like you all, so we’re going to have our good and bad days when it comes to comic book issues.


Score: 4/10