A movie theater in California is showing ‘Batman v Superman’ on March 6th (update)

Update: It was a computer glitch. There will not be a March 6th screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Perris, California. The good news? We’re just three weeks away from the IMAX fan screenings and the March 25th release date!


The original story is below.

Wow! Here’s some exciting news for people who live in California, specifically near the city of Perris. The movie theater named Regency Perris 10 has five showings listed for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this Sunday, March 6th. You can even buy tickets on Fandango right now!

Batman News reader and YouTuber JaeRoar brought this to my attention, and I thought it must have been a technical glitch on the websites. But I just got off the phone with Regency Perris 10 and they confirmed to me that they are showing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this Sunday, March 6th. Our conversation was actually quite funny…

Batman News: Hi, I noticed on your website and on Fandango that…

Regency Perris 10: For… Batman vs. Superman on Sunday night?

Batman News: Yes, how’d you know?

Regency Perris 10: Because everyone’s been calling since I came into work tonight.

Batman News: Is that actually happening?

Regency Perris 10: Yeah, it actually is.

Forbes contributor Mark Hughes also called and got confirmation. I’d still be a little skeptical if I were in the Perris, California area, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to get your tickets right now just in case!