Batman Beyond #10 review


Cat’s TidBits: Part three of ‘City of Yesterday’ and we’re still dealing with the Splicers, but things have gotten just a little bit interesting. And by interesting, I mean, VERY.


This is always the first thing that I want to mention when I’m reviewing Batman Beyond, but the Post-Apocalyptic world is such a good look to it. Second, did they really bring it this time or what?! I am beyond loving where we are finally heading with this comic book and I will be the first to congratulate Jurgens on it. (Side Note: Make sure to check out the variant cover to Batman Beyond #10, it’s awesome!)

Dr. Cuvier finally explains his reasoning on the Splicer’s creations (which, I’m sure we didn’t need one), but it was still a good thing to check out the explanation on why he was so persistent in capturing Batman. Obviously, we all know that villains usually have good intentions, but just show it in such a bad way. The main issue that I’ve been experiencing with this comic book, is the way that Batman’s personality is. We’re so used to this strong, confident, and great detective Batman, that even these villains are concerned with the way he’s operating things now. Dr. Cuvier mentions this in one frame about how Tim lacks the ‘Bat’ qualities.


Opening scene and the art was, BAM. Amazing. Look at those colors!!

Now that Brother Eye is not in the picture, we’re still having to figure out how to get back to our ‘normal’ world, which really isn’t that normal. We have the over-population issue at this point and Gotham is the only place that people can actually head for ‘safety’. Resources are extremely limited and the top dogs are trying to figure out how to save everyone, but also not die as quickly.


Couldn’t stop laughing at this part, because the first thing that came into mind was Bane in TDKR. Second thing that came into mind, DUDE, Batman, come on. Get your stuff together.


As I mentioned before, resources are limited. I wouldn’t even know how to fix that problem and it seems that the commissioner is having trouble making that decision to the point where now they have decided to let these people in. A little too late though. A riot has started and now this is going to start causing more problems for everyone involved. So, we have three things going on at the same time: Splicers and Dr. Cuvier, riots in Gotham, and the Justice League still being alive?? SPOILER BELOW.




Brother Eye controlled them for so long, that now they’re in this after-effect shenanigans that see Batman as some sort of cyborg? Great. BUT. I can’t wait to read the next issue. Like.. Come sooner.

The Good: There’s a lot of things going on and I’m totally okay with that. We have moved past Brother Eye’s corruption to this world that destroyed a lot of our main cities and even though we’re taking the time to rebuild that, a lot of things are happening all at once.

The Bad: I actually do not have that many issues with this comic book up to this point. I was asking for more action and we got it. The only annoying thing is the learning process of Tim as Batman; I’m sure I’ll get past that though, because it’s a different side of Batman we haven’t seen.

Recommended If:

  • You’re still enjoying the Splicers and Dr. Cuvier.
  • You’re wanting to see what’s going to happen with our Justice League.


Overall: I was extremely pleased with this issue. It’s not perfect, but the colors are amazing, the artwork is amazing, and the writing is getting much better than where it was before. It felt like a story that didn’t really have a plot of where it was going, but now I can see that I was wrong. There’s a hidden agenda and the fact that the Justice League is back into this, will they help solve our limited resources? What’s going to happen with Gotham?


Score: 9/10