Watch bloopers from the hilarious ‘Batman v Superman’ Jimmy Kimmel skit (video)

By now you’ve seen the hilarious “deleted scene” from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that aired on Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar special last Sunday. It featured Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, recreating the party scene from the third trailer with a few cameos for some extra laughs.

Jimmy Kimmel released a blooper reel from all of the videos he did on this year’s Oscar special, and it features some funny outtakes and bloopers from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice skit.

At one point Henry Cavill said that Ben Affleck’s deep voice sounded a lot like Clint Eastwood, and he started cracking up and replied “the computer did my voice in the movie!”.

Check out the bloopers in the video above, and the original video below in case you missed it.