Earth 2: Society #10 review


Cat’s TidBits: A couple of wars going on, but the real issue here is the betrayal of a few known allies that are now coming to light. We have the ‘wonders’ trying to figure out how to deal with this new Earth, Batman trying to take down Nimbus, and Hawkgirl uncovering the Amazonian’s secret.


Can you believe the deal with this Nimbus guy? Let me backtrack. SO, we finally found out that this Nimbus guy’s company is raising the organized crime numbers and that’s not good when you’re trying to prevent Earth from being destroyed all over again. This guy is pretty hilarious. His attitude, that is. Check it out.


Right? Like, the freaking deal with this guy. Not even caring who Batman is. That is hilarious to me! I would never even take that chance to disrespect Batman like that, but at the same time, I’m not a villain.

We move from this little shindig to Green Lantern and the step-down of Superman. Yup, you heard right. If I were a citizen living on this planet Earth (2-ha), I’m not so sure how I would feel. You want to feel protected by these ‘wonders’, but at the same time, these ‘wonders’ were really the cause of the destruction of the original Earth. It’s a love/hate relationship and it was pretty crazy to see Martha Kent even getting into the light of all of this.


THEN, we have Kendra finding out some pretty creepy stuff from the Amazons. If you don’t remember from last issue, she basically admitted to having murdered everyone on that ship. That’s some bold stuff right there. This is completely different; We’re so used to seeing the Amazons as an ally, but not in this Earth. They pose a serious threat to humanity as you can remember Fury speaking about this in the last issue as well. She explained how they will do anything necessary for the pure survival of the Amazons.


I will admit, they look so freaking beautiful! I can’t get over how amazing the artwork is seen with Queen Marella and Fury.




Batman in trouble?? What??

The Good: There’s a couple of things happening all at once and I’m pretty curious to see where it’s going to lead us up to. I don’t even know where to rank of which problem is the one causing the most threat at this moment. You have civilization wanting to take over, Nimbus increasing crime that could affect civilization, then Atlanteans and Amazonians perhaps wiping all of civilization.

The Bad: I don’t have much to complain about, but I just hope that we get an answer to one of these problems soon. It’s driving me insane!

Recommended If:

  • You enjoy Jimenez and Sanchez’ artwork.
  • You like Batman getting his butt kicked occasionally.
  • You enjoy a good read.


Overview: With the many different issues at stake at this time, I’m curious to find out where we’re going to head on the storyline once these issues are taken care of (or not). The main problem is that humans basically died in the previous Earth and they were reincarnated in this new one… and they know that. So, let’s see where Abnett takes us.


Score: 6.5/10