General Mills Batman v Superman #4

Coo-coo for comic books

Not content with merely making the World’s Finest cereal, General Mills has teamed up with DC to put collectible Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comics in some of your favorite morning vittles. More than simple marketing gimmicks, these four minis feature creators whose names comic fans will recognize, and self-contained stories that feature various kids relating to our favorite heroes, both in concept and in person.


Batman is totally real

By far the most fun of these four mini-comics, this issue is a rehearsal battle of sorts, the banners of Batman and Superman taken up by two children in an orphanage. They trade praises of their respective heroes in attempts to prove their man the better. Things escalate quickly, and it’s up to Wonder Womansome unnamed girl with a stuffed Batman to settle the boys down and talk some sense into them.

Yes, hunh!

There isn’t a great deal of depth to this final installment, and that’s just fine. Joshua Williamson instead opts to poke fun at all of us nerds who might find ourselves on opposite sides of dead serious discussions about which super heroes are the best. Along the way, however, he manages to concisely hit on some of the core elements of both Batman and Superman. And so while he’s having fun with us, he shows himself one of us, his familiarity with these characters betraying his nerdity even as he lovingly mocks it.


Boom. Done. I win.

Pansica, Thibert, and Cox are the perfect complement to Williamson’s script. Shots of the orphanage and its inhabitants are playful and exaggerated, with big heads and tiny bodies. The kids are presumably no younger than ten, and yet they look like toddlers–a stylistic choice that works to the book’s benefit. Panels with Batman and/or Superman, however, go for more realistic proportions, providing shots that look genuinely cool and that lend ample support to the children’s claims.

You also have insanely awesome stuff like this:



Recommended if…

  • You like to have a good time. Watching children fight. Fake, big-head children.
  • Cereal. Comics. I’m out of jokes about this.
  • You finally got your hands on #4 after buying up all of the Honey Nut Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Lucky Charms, and Golden Grahams at your local grocery store.


The perfect close to a fun little mini-series, this issue brings things much nearer to the film. It warmly joshes nerds and hyper-fanatical fans, and it does so with a self-incriminating wink. This final issue is a good time, and if you find it in your cereal, I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.

SCORE: 8/10