New streaming service wants you to watch ‘Justice League’ in your living room the day it hits theaters

How would you like to watch Justice League: Part One in the comfort of your own home, the day it hits theaters? A new startup called The Screening Room, backed by Sean Parker of Facebook and Napster fame, is trying to allow you to do just that, Variety reports. The Screening Room is currently pitching Hollywood studios and movie theaters on secure anti-piracy technology that will offer new releases in the home on the same day they hit theaters.

Consumers would buy a $150 set-top box and then be able to rent new movies for $50 each. To sweeten the deal, consumers would also receive two free tickets with that $50 purchase to see the movie again at the movie theater of their choice, and The Screening Room would share up to 40% of the revenue with the theaters.

Variety says that The Screening Room has met with all the major movie studios and theaters over the last few months, and are close to securing a deal with AMC, the largest movie theater chain in the US. There’s also serious interest from Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures. Variety doesn’t have any information on Warner Bros.’s position on this service, but the only movie studio they note that is against this idea is Disney.

What are your thoughts on a service like The Screening Room? Would you pay $50 to watch Justice League: Part One in your living room? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh, and Sean… drop the “The”. Just “Screening Room”. It’s cleaner.

Update 03/11/16: This service is picking up steam. Variety now reports that big name directors like Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, and Peter Jackson are all on board as supporters and shareholders. Some have even invested in the company.

SOURCE: Variety