Red Hood / Arsenal #10 review


Cat’s TidBits: H.I.V.E. is the least of the concerns when it comes to Red Hood and Arsenal doing their thing; We have Joker’s Daughter who’s currently in therapy to see if she’s even a suitable candidate to be on their team. Can she pass the psychological exam?


Lobdell brings us back to another story of Red Hood and Arsenal’s shenanigans, but that isn’t the real issue here. We’re back at Tara Battleworth’s office, hoping to still be seen as ‘heroes’, but Tara isn’t really excited to find out that Joker’s Daughter is part of the team now (I mean, really. I have to agree with her. That girl is so unstable.) Even though they’re trying to fix their own problems, they still do have their side business going on and a government employee is the one asking for help this time. H.I.V.E. Regal apparently built this HUGE bomb that Roy needs to tackle on, but throughout the entire issue, you start to realize that the main story is not even close to what’s behind the scenes.


The bickering between Red Hood and Arsenal is actually quite funny, but they also remind me of an old, married couple that don’t really know who’s the actual person wearing the pants in the relationship. (Though, we know Jason has that covered.) With that being said though, so much of Jason’s feelings feel distractive. He’s caring way too much about J.D. and I don’t think I’m liking that part of this issue. Obviously, Ducra and this bomb is not the issue. Joker’s Daughter has something up her sleeve and we don’t know what that’s going to mean for the boys and their job. Especially with Tara finally gaining some sort of trust in her. Jason just needs to stop caring so much about Joker’s Daughter… This just isn’t him! How can he be so serious when it comes to Roy and then caring when it comes to a villain that has proved over and over again that she can really care less?


Click the Spoiler to see how her counseling session went:



This girl seriously has some personality disorder issues.


You know, Batman is our guy. He is the main guy. I love how this is a theme in almost every comic book issue (especially where past trainees have trained under Batman and they always refer back to him – like in this scene.) These two are still trying to figure out how to work well with each other, but this is their way of complimenting each other. Again, I was upset that the central theme was revolving over Joker’s Daughter, when we had a perfectly good storyline that involved H.I.V.E., but we threw it away too easily for J.D. It’s probably going to be a background problem setting for the upcoming issue. SPOILER BELOW FOR NEXT ISSUE.



First, CREEPY MASK. Second, again with her? Can we move on already? Third, Lilith needs to re-evaluate her counseling approach.

The Good: The art? Ha. I’m just glad we’re done with the Nethers and I hope to see new characters soon. I did enjoy the fact that we got to see Regal, all in his natural beauty.

The Bad: We are putting too much emphasis on how important J.D. is, when in reality, we all know how she is. Did I see this coming? Yes, about three issues ago. Even Roy knew this was a bad idea from the start.

Recommended If:

  • You enjoy counseling sessions in comic books.
  • You actually like Joker’s Daughter.


Score: 4.5/10