Titans Hunt #6 review


Cat’s TidBits: Mr. Twister has gotten ahold of Malcolm and all sorts of things are happening now. Trusting each other is a big thing, especially when there’s a traitor… Want to guess who?


I seriously can’t get enough of this comic book. Probably one of my top favorites at the moment; Hmm, I always think it’s funny when I’m reviewing comic books, because I’ve already read what happened at the end… and that’s always where I want to start, but I will never ruin that for you guys. Ha. Just wanted to point that out. So, Malcolm should go try out for The Voice, or perhaps American Idol? He’s singing the Summoning ritual song at the top of his lungs, because he can, but mostly, because Mr. Twister is back at it again by trying to take down the Titans as his personal slaves.


I do NOT want to imagine how this song sounds like. Ears bleeding and stuff, yeah. #ThanksButNoThanks

Meanwhile all of this is happening, we have Garth, Dick, and Donna trying to take down Mammoth and on the other side, we have Roy, Gnarrk, Dove, Hawk, and Lilith in group therapy. (But not really.) Lilith is finally letting the group know that they all used to know each other, but used a type of technique to erase their memories, all of this was done to have Mr. Twister avoid from using their abilities for his benefit.


TEAMWORK! Dick, Garth, and Donna kicking some butt. (Mostly Dick and Donna though…)

With everything happening pretty fast in the comic book (either I was just really into it, or that issue finished too quickly), we come to find out that there’s a traitor in the group. Yup. I KNOW.


The Good: Progress. The story is progressing from mysterious – to the mystery finally being solved. There is still a lot of things that we don’t know how it happened (like why Dove wasn’t part of the picture before and why they really needed to erase their memories), but with due time, we will find our answers. The colors were enjoyable in this issue, especially in the fight scenes with Mammoth.

The Bad: Right now, even though the issue was really good and I enjoyed reading it. We didn’t get much on the Malcolm and Twister part. WHAT’S GOING ON? I NEED TO KNOW!



Recommended If:

  • Teen Titans back on the radar gets you excited!
  • You enjoy surprises.


Overall: It’s getting there… it’s slowly getting there. If you really think about it though, technically it already happened, right? Because Mr. Twister has already done this in the past so, history is repeating itself? Anyway, Abnett is really spicing up the story with some new characters and twists in the comic book, but will our Titans be able to fight off Mr. Twister? They’ve lost the battle once before (remember, someone died in the past – we still don’t know who), so I guess we’ll find out if they can win this time around.


Score: 7.5/10