Ben Affleck talks ‘Batman v Superman’ and what it was like in the “heavy” armored Batsuit (video)

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice press junket is currently going on in Los Angeles, and the first interviews are starting to come online. The one above is from Chris Van Vliet, the entertainment reporter for WSVN-TV in Miami, FL. In the interview, Ben Affleck explains why his Batman is more violent than other versions we’ve seen before. He also explains what it was like wearing the armored Batsuit, which we recently learned wasn’t 100% CGI as previously reported. Check out the full video interview above for more!

What makes this Batman different?

“We’re starting out where other versions kind of left off. I’m probably the same age as Christian and in his last one he retired Batman. We’re doing something different and obviously what those guys did was amazing and I have nothing but admiration for them and that’s part of the reason we felt we had to do something different so that we weren’t just trying to repeat that for audiences because they did it so well. So this is a little older, he’s a little more world weary. He’s been around the block once or twice so he’s a little wiser but he’s definitely more cynical and a little darker and more jaded.”

Is this Batman more violent?

“Yeah definitely.  He’s gotten darker and darker and more exposed to the violence and the criminal element of that world over time. And as he descends into that world it’s made him get darker and darker.”

His thoughts on the backlash from fans when he was first cast as Batman:

“My reaction was a couple of things. One, you expect that people are going to have opinions about castings in these kinds of roles and you know that there’s going to be backlash of some kind. Everybody has somebody that they want to play the part in their idea of their version of the movie. Also, like I said, we didn’t do this straight ahead down the middle version of Batman which I probably wouldn’t have been right for but instead did this other thing which is kind of a more sideways take on it. And I can’t go around explaining that to everybody. You go, you make a good movie and you hope that what the fans really want to see is that you dedicate yourself to working hard and making something good so they get their money’s worth.”

On Batman’s armored suit:

“It’s heavy. They screw you in and you can’t get out. You have to have guys come over with drills to get you out so it’s kind of claustrophobic and a little restrictive. But it’s what you need to do if you’re going to fight Superman. You gotta go prepared.”