Deathstroke #16 review


Cat’s TidBits: Phew! Deathstroke is out to find his daughter, but can he succeed with Red Hood on his back to hurt him? And who exactly hired Red Hood to beat the hell out of Deathstroke and slow him down in the process of finding Ravager?


Ah! So much action. And I’m loving every bit of it. Let’s start off with the fact that Deathstroke is getting blindsided by Victor, who’s also playing Rose in the middle of all of this. At this point, Red Hood was hired to slow down Deathstroke, by hurting him even more (even though he already went through a lot of crap up to this point.) Shall we recall? No.. Okay. POINT IS, that Deathstroke is pretty beat up and honestly, I’m not sure if he’ll be able to rescue his daughter (though we know that she doesn’t really want rescuing.)

DS16-2RED HOOD. Well, what can I say? That guy just knows how to talk… even though he didn’t really talk much in this comic book issue, which means, we’ll be seeing more of him in the next one. ~Woohoo~. Can we just agree that he is a much better character in this comic book, rather than the other one I’m reviewing with Lobdell’s writing in Red Hood / Arsenal. Obviously, who wouldn’t want to hire this guy? Even at one point, Deathstroke had admitted to saying that he was going to take care of Red Hood first, than trying to get Victor, because he’s more dangerous.


Loved this photo of Deathstroke and Red Hood, don’t they look so cool?! This is exactly what I want to see in a comic book. If we didn’t see the side story of Victor screwing Ravager over, I would’ve believed that he was on our side, guess not. When we think of Red Hood, we think BAT-ASS (see what I did there), but also, that he knows his stuff. It didn’t take him that long to hurt Deathstroke, considering that Deathstroke is a pretty, strong guy who had already endured a lot, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t get some good beatings into him.


Deathstroke is getting better as the issues go by and honestly, adding Red Hood in the mix is going to really add the action that goes along with reading about this character. Red Hood has a soft side and I think once he realizes that Ravager is being played all along, he’s going to do whatever it takes to get it into her head and show Victor’s true intentions.




The Good: There was a lot of action in this comic book and that means we’re going to get more of Red Hood (which unfortunately for him, we have to enjoy him in other comic books, because he can’t be a good character in his own story arc.)

The Bad: I didn’t like the transition that we went from scared Rose to hardcore-wanting-to-kill-her-dad Ravager. Maybe it’s the costume. Once she puts it on, she becomes a different person, ha. I want to see more development with the relationship with Ravager and her father. After all, he spent all this time looking for her.

Recommended If:

  • You enjoy seeing Red Hood be a part of other comic books.
  • Ravager’s one of your favorite characters – and you like her turning her back onto her own family.


Overall: This comic book is coming around, slowly, but surely and I have to commend Bonny on it. The artwork was damn good as well, this is more of my style and I enjoyed reading and reviewing this comic book. What I’m expecting to see in the next issue is hopefully making Ravager realize that her dad cares about her (that sounded so cheesy typing that) – And I expect for Red Hood to kick some butt. Now make it happen.


Score: 7.5/10