Justice League 3001 #10 review


Cat’s TidBits: Now that our Justice League is into hiding and trying to find ways to take down Lady Styx and the Scullions, we’re having to also figure out how to deal with Eclipso.

Just when I was slightly giving up on this comic book, I read this upcoming picture that I’m going to post and I got myself back into it. Right now, I’m only hesitant about this comic book, because I’m not exactly pleased with where it’s going. I understand that Lady Styx has some strong villains by her side, but we’re really dragging this story.



Finally, we figured out that The Convert is actually taking control of these Scullions and now I’m confused on how we’re going to take care of them and HIM. So, this little girl finally grew on me. I remember not liking Tina in the beginning, but I really liked her in this scene, just smashing this guy, because he annoyed the hell out of us.



REALLY SCARY that The Convert went inside Diana’s body, like nobody’s business.

Honestly, I am hating The Convert, but his ability to control millions of people, is freaking awesome. Why is Lady Styx still winning this battle? And can we just agree how crazy it was that G’nort came out in The Planet Bodhi; not that he’s any help anyway. In fact, he was useless, like he has been in most of other comic books that he has come out in.



We also got this short story for our enjoyment and I have to say, I enjoyed it. I’m going to put a spoiler tag, so you can see pictures that I enjoyed about it.





The Good: It was slightly hard to find something that was good about this issue, but we got to see some characters that we hadn’t seen in a while! The Convert, G’nort, and even Larfleeze.

The Bad: We are really dragging this story and I want to see progress!

Recommended If:

  • You enjoy seeing some new characters.
  • You enjoy short stories at the end of the comic book (ha).
  • You don’t enjoy any progress on taking down Lady Styx and her squad of villains.

Overall: I am working on trying to enjoy this, especially since it’s an all-female Justice League and this is all I’ve been waiting for in my entire life (not really), but I want to see more female characters dominating these comic books. Right now, it’s not working so well.


Score: 4.5/10