‘Suicide Squad’ reshoots are adding more action, says star Jai Courtney (video)

Last week a report came out that said Warner Bros. was spending tens of millions of dollars to make Suicide Squad more “fun”. Entertainment Tonight caught up with Suicide Squad star Jai Courtney to ask if the rumor was true… and it sounds like it was, to a certain extent. Check out his comments in the video above.

It’s import to note that the original rumor was that Warner Bros. wanted the movie to be more “fun”… not “funnier”. There’s a big difference. According to Courtney, they’re adding in additional action scenes. In my opinion, action scenes and “fun”, for the most part, go hand-in-hand. A great action scene keeps you on the edge of your seat, and can definitely add a lot of excitement and “fun” to a movie.

In related news, a guy named Brett Schulte on Twitter, who I know nothing about other than he has a verified account and claims to work in the movie industry, says he was on set of the reshoots this week. Apparently they were shooting at Cicada Club in Los Angles, both inside and out. Schulte says that the reshoots will take about three weeks, which backs up the claim that Warner Bros. is spending a lot of money on them. Lastly, he heard that Warner Bros. mandated the reshoots:


So there you have it! Suicide Squad reshoots are confirmed, from Captain Boomerang himself Jai Courtney! They’re adding a lot more action, which in my opinion, adds some weight to the rumors that Warner Bros. wanted the movie to be more “fun”.

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