Batman Beyond #11 review


Cat’s TidBits: Riots are still happening in Neo-Gotham, but that’s not the main story here. Dr. Cuvier is still attempting to take over (what’s left of this world) with the Splicers by his side and the help of the Justice League still under control Brother Eye’s technology. Can Batman take them down?


PHEW! Many things happening in just this comic book issue, but the threat of someone else taking over seems to finally end, or does it? Let’s start at the beginning. Cuvier has gained the trust of Splicers in the previous issue to help him take down Batman, but thankfully Matt did all the work for him – well, he believed the Justice League could help and boy did it take some work. We get to see how well he knew his brother’s Batman suit and the special features it included, like invisibility!


Tim Drake as Batman has taken some getting used to; I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that even though he’s Batman, he’s still learning. It’s been frustrating to read, but I don’t blame him. It’s not like he had any training with this particular role. Along with him learning the ropes, he’s also having to think on the spot, with the help of Matt, of course. I remember being so annoyed with him going off on his own, but it ended up turning out for the best in the end.


This was pretty neat. Watching what the Justice League members were looking at when they saw the citizens in this world. The implants that Brother Eye had used were pretty freaking powerful if they were being used as weapons. I’m surprised that nobody even knew that they were in the watchtower this entire time, other than this Cuvier character. I especially enjoyed reading the way that the Splicers were starting to find out the true intentions of Cuvier; we always get this ‘Wait, what am I really fighting for?’ thought process in our comic books when even characters who turned to the villain side start questioning.


Although I enjoyed the fight scenes and each Justice League member showing their abilities; Does it feel like it finished too quickly? I feel like maybe this could’ve continued on for just one more issue, but if you haven’t enjoyed reading this comic book, then perhaps you were happy that it finally finished and now we can start on the rebuilding of Neo-Gotham and.. the world?



I thought it was hilarious that Superman comes out and starts making this whole ‘Let’s Rebuild’ speech.. when he’s been under control by Brother Eye and been seen as the villain here with the Justice League. That’s how I would see it if I was a citizen in this world. Like.. Dude. You helped kill thousands of people.. and now you want me to trust you? Yeah.. No. But, we got our finale and happy ending. Or so it seems. Check out the spoiler below and see what’s coming up on Batman Beyond.




What do you guys think about this?

The Good: I’m not sure if me saying that now that we have our Justice League, things should start getting more interesting. Still enjoying this post-apocalyptic world and I hope that doesn’t go away anytime soon. I expect many issues, before Neo-Gotham goes back to the way it was. Go back to Gotham? Ha.

The Bad: Cuvier was taken down way too easily. I really do feel that this could’ve been held onto a little longer. I mean, we had Brother Eye forever and although he was annoying, the fight took a while. I guess Cuvier wasn’t as bad as a villain as we thought.. he should go back to villain school or something.

Recommended If:

  • You want to see the Justice League attempt to take down Batman.. and then see someone else actually take them down.
  • You enjoy Batman still learning the ropes of being the goddamn Batman.

Overall: We’re finally going to get down to business and see the rebuilding of Neo-Gotham, which should be fun. I’m still holding onto that Post-apocalyptic thing we’ve got going on and in the end, Matt helped out a whole bunch and maybe we should have him train Tim Drake on how to be Batman?

Score: 6/10