Gary Oldman comments on J.K. Simmons playing Commissioner Gordon in ‘Justice League’ (video)

Yahoo caught up with The Dark Knight Trilogy’s C0mmissioner Gordon, Gary Oldman, and asked for his thoughts on J.K. Simmons taking over the role in Justice League. “God bless him. Good luck.” is all Oldman had to say before going into some advice on playing the character.

“The thing you’ve just got to get used to with Gordon is he’s a really sound detective, first of all,” Oldman said. “And he’s really incorruptible, which is a kind of wonderful quality to play and sort of, like, true blue.”

“He’s like a Watson, oddly,” he continued. “He’s sort of like Watson to Sherlock, is Gordon to Batman.”

Justice League is scheduled to beginning shooting this Monday, so hopefully it won’t be long until we get an official look at J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon.