David Ayer on directing Batman in ‘Suicide Squad’, reshoots, and more (video)

Collider caught up with Suicide Squad director David Ayer last night at CinemaCon, and he expanded on his tweet about why he’s reshooting some big action scenes for the movie.

“If they don’t like your movie they tend to not want to invest in it. If they love your movie, they give you what you want. And I don’t think there’s any director that finishes a movie and says, ‘Wow that’s perfect, that’s what I really want it to be.’ Every movie I’ve ever made I wish I could go and grab some additional stuff and that’s exactly the chance I got this time. It’s like getting a new car but you get fancy rims and a new stereo.”

Ayer also expressed how excited he was to have Ben Affleck’s Batman be in Suicide Squad, especially since Batman was his favorite superhero as a kid.

“I mean look, as a kid I was a fan of DC Comics. I read them, I love Batman. Batman was always my favorite superhero, and then to have him walk on my set one day was an incredible experience. Even my cynical, hard-bitten movie crew got quiet when that happened. And Ben’s a great dude, he’s a good guy to work with.”

Check out the full video interview above for more from Ayer, where he talks about the tone of Suicide Squad and how it’ll appeal to both hardcore comic book fans and the casual movie going audience.

SOURCE: Collider