Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys #1 review


Cat’s TidBits: Harley Quinn is back and she brought a gang with her! Now that Harley has a gang by her side, she’s trying to put them to the test to see if they even withstand having the title, but now she’s been kidnapped. Can they prove to have Harley’s attitude and save their leader?


Yay! We get a new comic book that not only portrays our psychotic-yet-silly character, Harley Quinn, but now we get to enjoy more people part of her gang. The story starts off by introducing the characters in this new miniseries that have been put to the test, to even be called ‘Harley’s Gang’. If you got to read the interview that I had with Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri, you were able to see where they got their inspiration, the cosplayers itself! How awesome is that?! Especially, since I cosplay on a monthly basis, this is something that makes me happy. We put so much hard work into our costumes, it’s nice to get noticed once in a while.


Here we go again. Harley has been kidnapped by an unknown person by this point. Even though the focus is still on Harley, it’s shifted to the gang that are supposed to live up to her name. We see a different side to her persona and character, because she wants her gang to succeed. Whether that being good or bad, we don’t know yet, but I’m excited to follow them on that journey. It looks like we have a lot of personalities that are going to clash into pure fun when reading this comic book.


One factor that I enjoyed about reading this comic book, was the fact that it feels like our current society. We are surrounded by so many people that have different personalities and styles, that we forget to read about them in the things we enjoy. We got these hipster gang, that are apparently some type of vegetarians, causing issues, but Harley and her gang are up to put a stop to them. Especially now that we’re moving in a world that is highly popular with technology, we get to see that when reading this!


The gang is up to the test when Harley Quinn gets kidnapped, but the real issue here is the gang not doing what they’re supposed to be doing! They start getting distracted by getting pizza, going clubbing, going to the zoo, and are ultimately disappointing Harley in the process of it.


The worst part of it all. Harley Sinn really ends up kidnapping Harley Quinn.. who is this character? We don’t know. But I can’t wait to find out.

The Good: So colorful! It’s easy to distinct our characters, with their different outfits and colors. Now that I know that cosplayers were the inspiration for this, I can appreciate how much work they put into creating their costumes. Their personalities? What’s not to like? They’re outcasts. Each person will eventually their story as the miniseries goes by.

The Bad: Since the miniseries is about the gang and although we get some of Harley, it feels like I’m not getting enough of it? But honestly, how can I say that when everything in this entire issue is Harley Quinn inspired. So not much complaining there.


Recommended If:

  • You absolutely love Harley Quinn.
  • You secretly wish you were part of her gang – oh, wait, you can be!
  • You enjoy Palmiotti and Tieri’s writing.


Overall: This is going to be an interesting read that is going to push the limits, in a good way. It’s a comic book that you can relate to on every level, perhaps to even one of the characters. As far as the storyline of them finding out how much they can serve Harley, well. That’s not the point. They need to be independent, while keeping that Harley attitude and as Jimmy mentioned in the interview, it feels pretty empowering.


Score: 8.5/10