10 Cool Things from the Suicide Squad Blitz Trailer

5. Who is The Joker talking to?


It’s hard to tell, but it looks like The Joker is talking to the character played by Common.  There is a lot of speculation that he’s playing The Tattooed Man, but Common himself said “My role is basically a character who’s in business with The Joker.  His name is Monster T.”  Joker looks to be making a deal with him, but for what?  Set photos showed him with tattoos all over his head.  In the comics, the Tattooed Man was exposed to chemicals that helped him create whatever he could think of.  He tattooed his body with the chemicals so that he could always be near the power.  He was a thief and fought against the Green Lantern.  Maybe he is one of the villains or part of a group of villains in the movie as some of the things we’ve seen in trailers could have come from his tattoos.

6. Now with more Batman!


The Blitz trailer has a LOT more Batman in it, making me think that he has a larger role in the movie than originally thought.  We see him on top of the Joker’s car, jumping in the water after the car crashes (wearing a rebreather!) to save Harley and then carrying her to the Batmobile unconscious.  It could all just be one big scene and still a cameo, but perhaps the suits at WB decided that since Batman was so popular in the Batman V Superman movie that they needed to show some more of him in the new trailer.  We shall see on August 5th!