10 Cool Things from the Suicide Squad Blitz Trailer

7. The Batmobile has been neutered


There’s no machine guns on that there Batmobile!  It has been confirmed that the events of Suicide Squad take place AFTER Batman V Superman, but there are also flashbacks rumoured to occur, so no real way to tell if this scene takes place before or after BVS.  If it’s after BVS, then Batman has removed the guns from his car as part of his change to be a better person for Superman, who had major issues with his vigilante mindset and willingness to kill and maim his enemies.  If it takes place before BVS, then perhaps he hasn’t become jaded yet and still follows a “no kill” policy.  Outside of that, it’s also rumoured that Batman put all the criminals into Belle Rev Prison, so Amanda Waller and other unseemly elements have been hunting The Bat for years and may use Harley to lure him out of the shadows.  We won’t know until we see the movie and then all will be revealed!

8. Katana is also not part of the SKWAD.


We previously knew that Katana was not part of the squad because she was not seen in any of the group photos, but also because the rumour was out that she was Rick Flag’s bodyguard and this little snippet proves it.  She defends him against an attack by Captain Boomerang in this scene, who despite having his neck on the line and back against the wall, literally, propositions her.  Smooth move, dude.