10 Cool Things from the Suicide Squad Blitz Trailer

9. Harley Quinn is a heckuva lotta fun!

I thought she was the standout of the last trailer, but she shines even more in the new Suicide Squad Blitz trailer.  Margot Robbie is killing it as The Joker’s gal pal Harley Quinn.  Not only does she have her bat and pistol, but she gets her signature mallet too!  Where Jared Leto will steal the show for his creepy and dark portrayal of The Joker, Robbie will be a comedic highlight in a squad composed entirely of men, except for her.  Harley can hold her own, so I’m looking forward to how she handles the boys with their toys.

10. If Enchantress isn’t with the squad, then she must be the villain?

So it appears that armed men are breaking into the home of Enchantress as evidenced by the muddy handprints and splatters on the walls and the rat trapped in a cage look on her face.  We saw her taking a mudbath in a previous trailer and she seems to exude dark and nasty stuff from her body when in witch mode.  The last trailer showed a lot of dark and dank and muddy looking creatures fighting and destroying things and they look like they would fit right in with the mojo she’s putting off.  I also have not seen her in any group shots of the squad or in any action/fighting scenes.  She’s always shown solo and so I wonder if she’s the big bad they go up against.  Question is…is she solo or is she working with somebody like the Tattooed Man or heaven forbid- The Joker.  We’re several trailers in and we still don’t know for sure who the big bad is, but more and more it’s looking like Enchantress.

Those are the ten cool things I noticed about the new Suicide Squad Blitz trailer.  Let us know in the comments below if you caught something else not mentioned above or if you have theories about any of the things I have talked about in this article.