‘Batman v Superman’ has now made over $800 million worldwide

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just hit another major box office milestone, it has now made over $800 million worldwide! Domestically, it just passed $300 million. In total, the official number is $800,801,288 worldwide as of yesterday, April 13th.

While $800 million is a huge number, it’s still far away from the $1 billion mark that industry insiders claimed Warner Bros. was hoping to reach. At this point, it doesn’t look like it’s going to get there. It’s also on track to be less profitable for Warner Bros. than Man of Steel was, because of the increased budget and marketing costs.

But the fans don’t care about Warner Bros.’s bottom line. What’s important for us is that $800 million is a big enough number to keep the DC Extended Universe rolling! Warner Bros. just announced two new DC Comics movies, and Suicide Squad looks like it could be a massive hit among fans and critics alike.