Red Hood / Arsenal #11 review


Cat’s TidBits: Joker’s Daughter finally reveals her true intentions and attempts to fool Jason, but the real story here is Arsenal’s past coming to light and the repercussions that have resulted from that.

If you’ve been reading Titans Hunt, you’re going to notice that Arsenal has been having strange dreams, but in reality have been memories that have happened in the past. The story starts off with the memory that Arsenal abandoned his crew, Iron Rule, and basically killed them. Now that’s having an effect on him as he realized that he could’ve seen someone he recognized from the crew. At this point, we have many stories going on at the same time. You have Arsenal recovering from his nightmares, Joker’s Daughter is even showing her high school days, and present-day Red Hood attempting to examine Joker’s Daughter to see if she really has changed.



I’m not going to say that I didn’t like reading about Duela, because I really did like that. That was a nice touch, Lobdell, yup, I said it. We’re finding out her personality and the reasons why she’s like this – With that being said, we didn’t get much from it. We discover that there wasn’t really a turning point in her life that made her go from ‘normal’ to psychotic enough to take on Joker has her ‘father’.


I got to give kudos to the creative team in the artwork. There are so many distinct frames that made me enjoy reading the story; Duela looks so cute (even though she really does not look like a teenager), but I keep having to remind myself that she still is a teenager! Jason has already figured out her evil ways though, he recognized that Joker’s Daughter took Joker’s mask back.


You know. I can’t figure her out. There is no particular reason why she wants to continue doing what she does, yes, obviously she’s evil, but at least the Joker had an underlining plan. I know I’m concentrating more on Red Hood and Joker’s Daughter, but only because we’re going to get more of Iron Rule and Arsenal in the next issue and honestly, this is probably Duela’s last appearance. Ha.


This was cute. YOU’RE FIRED GIRL.

I’m going to quickly mention that I actually do like that we’re seeing Roy’s memories come to light; The fact that we’re going to see some familiar faces and ultimately see the repercussions of a ‘good guy – gone bad’ during their darkest days. I can only imagine what the Iron Rule is going to bring and perhaps even answer some questions that we’ve had in Titans Hunt.

The Good: JD’s backstory, loved it, but they could’ve emphasized more on it. Like I mentioned above, she’s everywhere! Which yes, that is somewhat Joker’s personality, but not the same. Arsenal’s thoughts that we get to read, I absolutely like.

The Bad: There were too many things going on! I don’t know where to concentrate on; I feel like this has been happening a lot with this comic book and it could be done in a smoother transition.

Recommended If:

  • You want to see the end of Joker’s Daughter.
  • You’re interested to find out what’s going on with Iron Rule.
  • You’re way too into the comic book and don’t know how to get out.

Overall: With the Iron Rule coming in the next issue, we’re definitely going to see some action! JD has been fired and I’m wondering if she’ll be back. . or stay down for good.


Score: 5/10