Earth 2: Society #11 review


Cat’s TidBits: Our New Earth is not going so smoothly with a major war going to break loose and with the  Amazonians trying to take control, things are not going to be so easy for our heroes.



BECAUSE HE’S THE GODDAMN BATMAN, THAT’S WHY. I wanted to start off with this frame, because I am so in love with Batman right now, ha! Even though we’re so used to seeing this, I’m never going to get over the fact that Batman is downright awesome. This scene was super hilarious, especially with our other heroes trying to give him a hand and Batman is just like – Yeah, but I already took care it. I mean.. I still need your help, but go take care of that other stuff.

If there’s one thing I mention about my reviews, it’s the fact that I need things to flow and this issue did just that. We’re continuing with where we left off from, even though we do have three major stories going on at the same time. Ted and Arrow did exactly with what Batman wanted them to do and took down Nimbus, had a little bit of trouble for a while, but teamwork always does the trick. (That part was cheesy, but in a good way.)

There were some dry spells with this comic book, but I feel like we’re getting our groove back. I always complain when I talk about ‘dry spells’, but really, our writers are just setting the story for what’s going to happen next and we’re seeing that this New Earth is giving our superheroes MAJOR ISSUES.


Basically, there are no natural resources in this Earth and with the rebirth on this world and now we have both parties of different cities wanting to fight over these imaginary resources. There aren’t any. Can you imagine that? No natural resources. This world is trying to survive on nothing. The people already feel like Green Lantern and this ‘council’ are trying to take over; at this point, I can see the positive reasons on why they want to take control and make sure that what happened in the previous Earth doesn’t happen again, but Green Lantern is not really doing that in the correct way.


We also have Fury’s confession of taking the Pandora Vessel and killing these humans to import the souls of the Amazonians into them. What. The. Hell. That’s insane! I guess we can think of it in terms of survival of the fittest and making sure that your civilization survives, it just feels so wrong. I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen, but there’s a lot going on that I’m very intrigued to find out.


The Good: This is something that I feel a good comic book is. There is a balance between action and real-life scenarios that can truly happen (not the whole New Earth, but the fact that something like natural resources in the near future can eventually run out. Or maybe it’s all a conspiracy?) Either way, the story is going exactly where I want it to be, but not in the ‘I know what’s going to happen next’ way.

The Bad: I actually want more Fury – Kendra story. We got that in previous issues, but there is something important going to happen that they’re trying to set up and I want more. A little needy, but for good reason.


Recommended If:

  • Batman is your guy and you love it when he’s a badass in comic books.
  • You enjoy the Amazonians taking charge – in a very questionable way.
  • You want to see if Green Lantern can stand his ground and take charge.

Overall: The comic book itself has been good and continues to get better; I would honestly recommend this comic book to anyone who enjoys reading about our superheroes, in a nontraditional sense. We continue to get more backstory to the reasons why we had to locate to a New Earth and we get to see the rebuilding of this new one, but nobody said it was going to be easy. On to the next!

Score: 9/10