Titans Hunt #7 review


Danger continues to cross the Teen Titans, as they have finally gone face-to-face with Mr. Twister brought on by Herald’s lullaby. Before that continues, Lilith drops a bomb that she hired the organization Diablo to come help them out, without realizing that they were going to end up as targets. Honeybun and Ding-Dong Daddy are on a Titans Hunt…ha, get it? But in all seriousness, these two are part of the Diablo organization that were supposed to help out the Teen Titans, but figured that they’re the main cause of the problem. Which really makes sense though. If we look at the bigger picture, technically, they’re the ones that Mr. Twister wants and has used in the past. (I’m being so negative right now.)


She’s not a lady, apparently.

There is a lot of action in this comic book issue! If you’ve been asking for it, you definitely got it here. With Hawk and Dove fighting off Honeybun and Ding-Dong Daddy, you have the entire gang bringing themselves into the game. Whether they like it or not. I have to thank Jay, our other Batman News Squad reviewer for texting me this week the photo of something so ridiculous, that it worked so well in this issue. Dove next to Daddy’s Transformer-type of machine and I have to say that the colors really made this frame pop out. Just look at it!


Seriously… what the hell is this? I love it so much. <(>.<)>

With everything happening so fast, the story is progressing quicker than what I imagined it to be from where we started. You even have Mrs. Duncan (gotta be formal here-ha) showing her true self, while at the same time freaking herself out. Honestly, that was the cutest thing ever. You know, we still haven’t gotten the mystery behind what happened in the past with Mr. Twister and the Teen Titans. They have a few memories here and there, but nothing ever confirmed. Especially with DC’s Rebirth, it seems like they’re going to start wrapping this comic book up.


I’ve always been able to appreciate when artists can really emphasize the way a comic book is portrayed with their art. It’s great to have that distinction of what type of mood we’re in. You have this crazy action in Titans Hunt with the red-orange hues, but we can easily transition to the scenes with Mr. Twister and the blue-purple hues. I know this doesn’t mean anything for people who don’t care about the art, but it’s what makes this comic book so special. I know that I’m going to be a expecting a much more calculated scenario with Mr. Twister, rather than the hectic action scenes with our other Teen Titan members.


See what I mean? I can feel Mal’s pain with the art portrayed in this.

The Good: It’s starting to come down to the big battle with Mr. Twister and we’ve been teased for too long. Karen shows that she is also part of the Teen Titans in a fairly normal manner to protect herself. Hawk and Dove continue to be a tag team that help each other without being afraid. Even Aqualad, Wonder Girl, and Nightwing are slowly going to reveal the true intentions of Mr. Twister.

The Bad: There really was a lot going on. The story that they would bring in would end quicker than the next story that came afterwards. A good example was having Hawk and Dove attempting to take down Honeybun and Ding-Dong Daddy while Arsenal and Lilith are trying to help, but then it would go to a teaser scene like Karen and Mad Mod are talking to each other. If that didn’t end too quickly, we also had Lilith trying to help with her mind powers and it went back to the action. Just something that I felt was really well written, but they had to compress it for the remaining story.

Recommended If:

  • You want to see who else is part of the Teen Titans.
  • You LOVE action. Action is YOUR thing.
  • You appreciate artwork and enjoy reading a comic book where they know how to balance the writing and art together.


Overall: The story is slowly coming to an end and I would really like to find out answers about Mr. Twister’s plan. I feel like we’re in the climax zone of the story, but then the end result is going to fall flat. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it could be a possibility. These Titans are written so well in this comic book and when I want these characters to emphasize what they can do, I need to see that when they’re in these amazing action scenes (which they have done perfectly), but also give them time to branch out into being in the spotlight. With our Teen Titans so confused on why they’re in this situation in the first place (or second place), they will need to explain it to where we can understand it, but even the characters in the book can.


Score: 6.5/10