Karen Fukuhara talks about Katana’s Soultaker sword, Jared Leto’s method acting, and more (video)

Interviews from CinemaCon, which took place earlier this months, are still slowly trickling out. ComicBook.com caught up with Karen Fukuhara at the event to talk about Katana’s role in the movie, her Soultaker sword, Jared Leto’s method acting, and more!

“She’s very loyal to Amanda Waller and Rick Flag,” Fukuhara says of Katana. “She works under them and keeps a rowdy bunch in line. She’s a protector and a fierce warrior.”

She also spoke about her powers and her Soultaker sword. “She has her husband’s soul in her sword and I got to talk to Maseo throughout the film and yes, of course that’s the in the film, but you’ll have to wait and see how much of the plays into the movie,” Fukuhara explained.

And just like Will Smith, Fukuhara didn’t actually get to meet Jared Leto, only the Joker, because he was in character 24/7 when they were shooting. “I’ve seen him on set, I’ve met him, I’ve introduced myself, but everything has been like, ‘Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Hi, pretty,'” Fukuhara said. “I’d be like, ‘Hi, I’m Karen,’ and he’d be like, ‘Haaaa.'”

Fukuhara said she didn’t get to do any scenes with Ben Affleck’s Batman, but she loved Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and is super excited to see Suicide Squad. Check out the full video interview above for more!

SOURCE: ComicBook.com