Justice League 3001 #11 review


There’s nothing more exciting, than seeing the Justice League without a plan – basically, that is exactly what’s happening in this issue. SO, up to now, we have established that Lady Styx has an ultimate plan of wiping out the entire planet and taking down the Justice League (obviously), but the Justice League are still oblivious to what exactly her plan is (I’m not really sure why.)

I started reading this comic book wanting to really enjoy it, because there are not many comic books out there, that feature an all-female group. I really, and I’m stressing on the really, wanted to enjoy reading it, but the plot is lacking story. Let me explain.


We bring out the characters of G’nort and Larfleeze, which honestly, they don’t really give us much to solve our problem. Lady Styx has sent out her Legion of Doom, alongside Eclipso (Terri’s sibling) to take down the Justice League, but bring them back alive. Ugh, what is this? I feel like I’m watching a bad movie that I’ve already gone too far and can’t back out from anymore. I’m pretty sure G’nort and Larfleeze were written into this comic book to put in a little bit of humor, but it’s not funny. They’re filler characters and I have no idea why they’re doing that. First, they trick Larfleeze to come with them to get back Guy Gardner’s ring, but even like that, he’s so annoying (him and his freaking smiting everyone.)


Taking some charge and following orders. LOVE THIS.

The Legion of Doom, led by Eclipso, are sneaking up on the Justice League (completely lost and clueless) coming up with some sort of plan. There were a few good parts, especially the dominating leadership that Wonder Woman had with Batgirl, but even like that, you have a lot of empty storyline spaces. What I mean by that, is that we’re going around the problem and not actually solving it… and even with this information, I don’t feel like I have a good grasp of what part of the story being told is going to be useful later on.


I actually did NOT mind this scene at all. Look how beautiful the artwork looks here and I applaud y’all not this.

I was confused with Guy Gardner switching his gender identity in this issue – not that I minded it, because it was interesting, to say the least. Though, they didn’t really emphasize the reasoning on why he/she was doing it. They could’ve really used this as a strong way to prove a point in something, anything! This is precisely what I am trying to say; THIS ISSUE was all over the place and I have no idea why. Oh, wait. If you look at the spoiler, you might find out the real reason.



The Good: I know I am complaining about the lack of how much they could’ve done with this all-female Justice League, but I still love how much there is always, and I mean ALWAYS, something going on! Really… do girls seriously have that much drama? The artwork – still amazing! Yeah, the facial expressions could’ve been worked on more, but I’m a total jerk when it comes to that. Colors are great, but we’re also in the future!

The Bad: Lack of story. There isn’t any. Larfleeze was an annoying character, G’nort is complaining half the time, and the Justice League is running on empty batteries AND getting ambushed by Eclipso and Legion of Doom. It’s a lot of things happening at once, without any reasoning.

Recommended If:

  • You want to see if Eclipso and Legion of Doom can actually take this female Justice League down.
  • You actually enjoy the Lantern Corps characters of G’nort and Larfleeze.


Overall: As I mentioned in my review, the potential of this female Justice League was there, but they didn’t do much with it. I feel as if at times Wonder Woman and even Guy Gardner had to compensate to be a ‘guy’, in order to make sure we felt that there was still masculinity in the Justice League. TRUST ME. We don’t need that. Women can be just as strong as men can and seeing that in this comic book, would’ve brought the realization of how much we lack female superheroes and villains in the comic book world. Still a good comic book, just not my cup of tea right now. (Rant over.)


Score: 4/10