Report: Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. are butting heads over ‘Justice League’

Zack Snyder / Vero

Update 05/06/15: Sounds like there was some truth to this report. Warner Bros. just brought in Ben Affleck to oversee Justice League!

Yesterday we learned that Warner Bros. and The Flash director Seth Grahame-Smith parted ways over creative differences, but according to a new report from Birth.Movies.Death there are lots more problems in the DC Extended Universe.

Sources at WB tell me that this is just one part of what’s going on behind the scenes at the DC movieverse. Zack Snyder and Geoff Johns were taken aback at critical and audience reaction to Batman v Superman, I’m told, and WB execs have found themselves at odds with Snyder over his vision for Justice League and the DC movieverse going forward. Of course Justice League was scheduled to start shooting mere days after BvS was released, which meant WB couldn’t take any definitive action – like removing Snyder or delaying the movie to make changes – without poisoning the box office for BvS. The result? Lots of fights between Snyder and the WB execs, and lots of pressure from Burbank on Snyder, who is shooting in London.

That’s not good! And there could be another director shake-up in the DCEU. Citing multiple sources, Birth.Movies.Death says that director James Wan is feeling pretty nervous about his Aquaman movie. Update: James Wan responds to the rumor?

Now I know what you’re thinking. Birth.Movies.Death? Didn’t they report that Suicide Squad was undergoing reshoots to add more humor? Yes, and they didn’t get that one 100% right. But they were the first site to report that Suicide Squad was spending millions on reshoots, which David Ayer later confirmed was being put towards more action.

This is just a rumor, but after the negative response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and missed box office opportunities, it’s not hard to see that there could be some tension between Warner Bros. executives and Zack Snyder — a man who they just gave another $250+ million to for Justice League. Let’s not forget… R-rated Deadpool movie made more in the US/Canada than a PG-13 Batman and Superman movie! That is insane.

I’d never waste your time with BS rumors from unreliable sources, and I don’t think I’m doing that here.

SOURCE: Birth.Movies.Death