Director James Wan responds to those ‘Aquaman’ rumors

It was a rough weekend for the DCEU. First The Flash director Seth Grahame-Smith and Warner Bros. parted ways, then there was a rumor that Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. were fighting over Justice League. Lastly, a report came out that said James Wan was feeling nervous about his Aquaman movie, and that he could be the next director to walk away.

I could be looking too far into this, but Wan just sent out a tweet with nothing but a photo of him against a huge Aquaman wall — which I’m assuming is inside the office of Warner Bros. or DC Comics (if you know where this photo was taken, please let me know). I have a feeling that this was Wan’s way of responding to this weekend’s rumors, and to let fans know that everything is cool between him, Aquaman, and Warner Bros.

Update: It appears this was a direct response to the Aquaman rumors. Wan has asked fans not to attack Devin Faraci, the source of the rumors.

What do you make of Wan’s tweet? Let me know in the comments below!