Ironhead Studio: Meet the man who created the costumes for ‘Batman v Superman’ (video)

Most Batman News readers know Michael Wilkinson, the credited costume designer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But what about the person who actually creates the costumes? That man’s name is Jose Fernandez, and he’s the founder of Ironhead Studio. His company has been creating superhero costumes for decades, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the 4th Batman movie that he’s worked on. Fernandez also worked on Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin.

For Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ironhead Studio created both Batsuits and Wonder Woman’s costume. But unfortunately Jose Fernandez didn’t get screen credit for his work, something that happens all too often. This prompted Fernandez to set up a booth at Monsterpalooza, a convention where artists can show off their movie magic, to help spread the word about the great work he’s done.

Tested caught up with Fernandez for a fantastic interview at Monsterpalooza, which you can watch in the video above. Fernandez talks about how things have changed since he worked on Michael Keaton’s Batman costume to now with Ben Affleck’s, and lots more! You can also check out a preview of behind-the-scenes images of the Batman and Wonder Woman costumes. Head on over to Ironhead Studio’s website for lots more!