Detective Comics #52 review


Here we are at the final issue of Detective Comics’ run for the New52…but it doesn’t feel like a final issue.  This story has no time for reflection or introspection.  Jim doesn’t reminisce about the past or contemplate where the future might take him.  This story is just straight up full-throttle action throughout.

I’m actually fine with this story not acting self-aware of its place as a final issue, because really, this is just Detective Comics #933.  In June, the title is going back to its original numbering.  But it isn’t starting up at 882, it’s going straight to 934.  Basically, the 52 issues of the New52 are issues #882-933 of Detective Comics.  With this in mind, it actually wouldn’t make sense to generate a huge hoopla over this story, since it’s really just another piece in an ongoing epic.

In the past, I’ve given JimBat a hard time.  Often citing his tenure as Batman as unnecessary and viewing many of his more bizarre plot lines as equally needless.  Having said that, you are all probably thinking that I hated this.  In actuality, I was rather entertained.  Now, if this story had been the beginning of a year long epic, you can bet I’d be singing a different story.  But as it stands, this is just a single issue that has no bearing on the future, so there is no reason to be overly critical of something that ultimately doesn’t matter in the greater scheme of things.  It’s one of those rare occasions where I can just sit back, say whatever, and just go along for the ride.


Mummies, Machine Guns, and Robots…Oh My!

FYI: That Gordon line gave me a real chuckle.

While I was entertained, I still don’t feel like this is the kind of story that should have a place in modern day Detective Comics.  It felt more akin to some kind of bizarre story that might have made its way out of the pages of “The House of Secrets”/”The House of Mystery” from the 1960s and 70s, and somehow ended up here.  So really, my problem isn’t with the story telling (as the story in and of itself is perfectly apt), but has more to do with the audience it is being presented to and the platform it is being presented with.


Fernando Pasarin is on pencils, and even though some might consider this story to be unnecessary filler, it didn’t stop him from bringing his “A” game.  During the last couple years, I’ve slowly watched Pasarin refine his abilities, and he definitely brings them to bear in this tale.  Perhaps Tomasi actually custom-designed this story to showcase Pasarin’s talents.  I’ve often commented on the fact that he excels at bringing the creepy and that his work seems exceptionally well suited to the horror genre.  This tale basically mixes that with JimBat in order to provide Pasarin with some fairly gruesome scenes with which he can really let loose on.  Check out my favorite one in the spoiler:



  • Aw Yeah!  Charbroiled mummy getting shredded like Swiss cheese under a hail of automatic machine gun fire!  Check out his right leg…you can actually see the Femur bone.  Gruesome!

Recommended if…

  • You want to see JimBat fight a Mummy.
  • You’re a fan of Fernando Pasarin’s artwork.


While this isn’t the kind of story I’d like to see depicted in the pages of Detective Comic, it was nonetheless entertaining and beautiful to look at.  Although I don’t think anyone is going to be kicking themselves over passing this story up, those that did get it are still in for a wild (albeit unconventional) ride.  But whatever…it’s a giant robot vs a giant mummy.  Go comics!

SCORE: 7 / 10