Batman Beyond #12 review


This is a nice change, as Jurgens introduces us to Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond’s Wired for Death Part One. We get to see some backstory to what we’ve been following for the past couple of issues now; Bruce Wayne was training Terry McGinnis and for obvious reasons, giving him a hard time about it. I want to point out the amazing artwork by this creative team; Every single outline of Batman’s face gave you chills, not just because he’s the goddamn Batman, but because you can feel the emotion and tenseness with McGinnis.  Not only do we see the tension between them, but you can kindly understand the reasoning behind it – Should we be giving him a hard time or do we want him to die? There is no space for error, when you put that Batman suit on.


Bruce takes things to heart, even though he doesn’t like to admit it. This repeats itself in almost every comic book that explains a death of someone close to him; his response is to react and pick up enough logic to move on and use it as lesson for another time. The scenes following the beginning does this so perfectly well; even McGinnis’ cognitive development hasn’t been able to acquire those aspects of understanding the reasoning behind Bruce’s irritable, yet concerned ways.


Moving forward to where Tim Drake appears back in McGinnis’ place, Jurgens sets the tone that Drake was this amazing Batman and was able to grasp Bruce’s concepts, before he disappeared. We’ve been able to see Drake’s struggles through attempting to defeat Brother Eye and even Dr. Cuvier. We’ve even seen him complain about how he’s not McGinnis or Bruce in previous issues. This was really well-written to foreshadow what ends up happening throughout this comic book issue. I’ve even gotten annoyed to see Drake at times, not being the Batman that we need, but the one we deserve. (HA. I’m kidding.) But really, he was slacking.


Rewire made his appearance at the ending of Batman Beyond #11 and I don’t think he’s going to leave for a while. If you’re not super familiar with this character, he’s the son of Mayor William Dusk, able to control electricity, and fought Terry previously in the Batman Beyond suit. He’s attempting to prove his innocence to Drake, but not doing a really good job at it. Drake gives him the opportunity to talk to Commissioner Barbara Gordon, but that’s no-go.


It might not make sense on why he doesn’t want to go speak to the Commissioner, but he’s a troubled kid, what do you expect? The beginning of this issue finally wraps up in the end, when Rewire shocks him with electricity on his left knee. (OH NO.) Batman goes down, a little too easily, but I guess we’ll see on what ends up happening in the next issue. Obviously, someone is using Rewire for their own personal gain; this is so Dr. Cuvier all over again with using the Splicers to get what he wanted.

The Good: The artwork is amazing. I can’t get over how well-written this story was to capture Drake’s reappearance as Batman and even linking us back to McGinnis when he used to be training with Bruce Wayne. The fact that we’re able to analyze Bruce’s reactions towards McGinnis and make our own assumptions of why he’s treating him so ‘mean’, also gives us a mystery that there’s something coming… something that’s probably going to haunt us.

The Bad: I honestly.. don’t really have much to say. JUST READ IT.


Recommended If:

  • You enjoy it when Bruce Wayne shows up and dominates his trainees with only words.
  • You want to find out what Rewire can bring to the table.
  • You like having three Batman’s all in one comic book issue – even if it’s in different times.


Overall: We’re getting ourselves a little treat with this comic book and I’m all about it. Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis, and Tim Drake all in one issue – give me more, please! I’m more concerned with who’s trying to utilize Rewire’s abilities to take down the Batman. The writing was amazing and the art did not lack anything; even seeing the way that Barbara Gordon was portrayed in her young self and older self, they really took the time to give us this. I hope they don’t get me all hyped up about this next story, because I’m looking forward for part two.

Score: 9/10