‘Captain America: Civil War’ falls short to ‘Batman v Superman’ on opening night

After all the hype and rave reviews, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War fell short to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on opening night. Marvel’s latest pulled in $25 million last night, which is almost $3 million shy of Batman v Superman’s $27.7 million Thursday debut. If you add in the Friday numbers, Captain America: Civil War made $75.3 million, which is less than the $81.5 million Batman v Superman made in the same amount of time.

In it’s first opening weekend, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made $166.1 million in North America. Box office analysts are estimating that Captain America: Civil War will make over $200 million this weekend. Whether or not they hit that achievement remains to be seen. Stay tuned to Batman News later this weekend for more.

SOURCE: Variety (1), (2)