Red Hood / Arsenal #12 review


AH! I actually had fun reading this comic book… for once. Lobdell has fun with this comic book by incorporating social media into JD’s master plan (accompanied by the Iron Rule) to take down Red Hood and Arsenal. Mostly Arsenal though, since he’s the one in the chair being beaten up with the camera on his bloody face. I really have to give it to the creative team on this one; the artwork is very intricate by making sure that everything is in your face… literally. You’ll tend to see it with the pictures below on how exaggerated the character’s emotions are. So. Iron Rule. JD had a master plan all along – was anyone even surprised about that? I guess I have to admit that I was waiting for her to have some purpose if she was brought into the comic book, but now I can see how that all played along. I’m still not sure if I’m content with what we’re getting now, or I’m more excited when they use social media and technology in our comic books (it’s realistic – sort of, because we don’t have vigilantes in our world.)


JD is so freaking demented. Do you really feel that she’s the same as her ‘father’, Joker? I don’t know. I keep playing in my head all the Jokers that we have seen in our cinematic/television and comic book universe, but her impulsivity on the way she handles things is so planned at the same time. The scene of her in the ambulance was still enjoyable; I totally expected for her to kill these two paramedics and I was disappointed that it didn’t turn out a different way. Her personality is fun, that I do like about her, but I want to see her do something, other than kill everyone she sees, meets, and greets. (I mainly wrote that, because it rhymes. But it’s also true.)


Jason is totally not Jason in this issue. He hasn’t been himself in this entire comic book, now that I think about it. He cares quite a bit. I don’t mind him caring about Roy, because they work together and have been through a lot. It can be compared to Veterans how they keep in touch with their old friends and fellow buddies from their military; their friendship is like that. From a psychological perspective, I can see how he would care about Joker’s Daughter since she reminded him of himself, but I dislike it. He’s supposed to be this cold-hearted person that looks out mainly for himself and not others around him.



SPOILER: JD IS A FREAKING PSYCHO. Kidding, that’s not really a spoiler. But she is insane.


See how there’s a lot of close-ups. Tara’s expression here is really exaggerated. Her calling JD a psycho is probably another reason why it feels exaggerated too, ha.


With Jason being extremely concerned with his buddy, Arsenal, the story itself stopped developing after the scene where he goes back to the warehouse to pick up a few necessary items that can save Roy’s life. I will give it to Lobdell that he did really well with bringing the social media aspect in the beginning of the issue, but then it when downhill after that warehouse scene. What? JD and the Iron Rule are just patiently waiting, watching the views and votes, until Red Hood comes? Not that I want Arsenal to die, but let’s utilize the Iron Rule more in this issue! Why bring them into the story then? And then Batgirl was introduced for a hot minute… maybe a hot second. I’ll be expecting more of her in the next issue? Probably not, since Jason was able to find the location pretty quickly.

The Good: Bringing technology into the comic book was awesome! Totally loved that, it does attract young readers like myself, because I can relate to the social media aspect of this (let’s just hope nothing like this happens in our society.)

The Bad: The lack of utilizing the characters that are right in front of us. Iron Rule captured Roy and then tied him up (beat him up a couple of times too, but that’s not the point.) Batgirl could’ve been utilized with her abilities, but that wasn’t done either. Then you have Jason’s impulsive plan that seems like it might come crashing down, before it actually saves Roy’s life.


Recommended If:

  • You seriously enjoy Joker’s Daughter and don’t mind seeing her in almost every single frame.
  • You’re a social media butterfly and secretly wish you could’ve voted too.


Overall: My scoring reflects on the overall review of this comic book issue for Red Hood / Arsenal. I hate having to be really strict with it, but I will give credit towards a good beginning. If only Lobdell could continue doing that for the remainder of the issue and not forget to end the comic book with a big bang. I can’t stand Joker’s Daughter anymore… I want to see Red Hood and Arsenal! Can we just do away with her already?

Score: 4.5/10