Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys #2 review


Harley Quinn continues to go off with a big bang from where we left off last issue on Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys. Because the members from Harley’s gang all come from a different background, this comic book is exactly what we needed to bring different issues that we continue to encounter in today’s society. Last issue, we were introduced to Harley Sinn, who kidnapped Harley Quinn in order to put things back into order and fix her apparent kindness to the city. Tieri and Palmiotti’s main focus is on Harley’s gang and we completely saw that in the first issue; this second one only further introduces our characters and the different backgrounds that they come from.


If you didn’t realize it while reading this issue, you’re going to realize it later on how psychotic Harley Sinn is. I want to say that I was intimidated by her personality, but really, she is a delight. I think we’ve been so used to seeing Harley Quinn’s bubbly-yet-crazy personality in all the comic books that she has been in, but this gang truly brings in everyone’s personality characteristics to the table and makes it a big Harley party. Breaking it down, you have Harley Quinn’s gang and then you have Harley Sinn’s gang. Two totally different gangs that are aiming towards two totally different goals. HQ’s gang is more to help the city, while as HS’ gang is to bring the name of Harley Quinn associated to hurting and killing people. You can see from the photo above that Harley Sinn is not one to mess around with.


How can we ever get over Harley Quinn’s crazy humor? She is hilarious! The way that this story has been set, is to please the reader with these new characters, but still have a whole bunch of Harley associated with it. I think in every scene that Harley Quinn and Harley Sinn were able to be in this comic book, you were able to visually see the tug-of-war that these two dominant personalities were creating. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Harley Quinn so helpless in this manner, where she’s being questioned about her own direction of where she has been wanting to do with the gang of Harleys and their effect on society.


SOMEONE COSPLAY HER. AND DO THIS SCENE. PLEASE. I truly love how wild she is and I’m enjoying every frame where she comes out in. You never know what’s going to come out of her mouth or what she’s going to do next.



Yup, even they have uniforms.


Since the focus is on the gang of Harleys, we are seeing the different ethnicities and issues that they are facing within themselves and against the world. You have Harvey who has this confident personality, but being bullied by being called ‘gay’ and jokes that confront his homosexuality. It’s nothing new that individuals do experience this and are able to relate to this character. This is what is amazing about this comic book. That they are being put into light and people can truly relate to, at the very least, one person in the gang.






The Good: It’s covering every topic! Yup, finally we’re getting a comic book that is not only fun to read, but you can actually enjoy reading. I know I’m probably being biased, but I have to admit that I’ve read parts in the past two issues where I told myself, “Yup.. been there.” (Not the killing part, ha.) You get the gang of Harleys to deal with their parent’s comments, their sexual orientation, their confidence, where they come from, AND it all goes back to Harley Quinn and even Harley Sinn’s crazy antics? What more can you ask for?

The Bad: IT IS LOADED WITH HARLEY QUINN EVERYWHERE. I don’t necessarily want to call this a bad thing, but it’s different. If you’re not used to seeing a bunch of diamonds, red-and-black, and even everyone’s name included with Harley in it, this might not be for you.


Recommended if:

  • You love anything and everything Harley Quinn.
  • You want to enjoy seeing a villain be a bigger villain.. to the villain that she apparently admires. Yup, Harley Sinn is one piece of work that I can’t seem to figure out just yet.

Overall: You get Harley Quinn and a bunch of misfits in society and bam, you got Harley’s gang. You get someone who admires Harley Quinn and wants to fix what’s wrong with more misfits, and BAM, now you got Harley Sinn’s gang. There is really no boundary to this comic book and I applaud Tieri and Palmiotti for their writing with this title; As for the art, amazing! It’s lively and colorful and perfectly meshes well with the dark tone of this Harley Sinn-filled issue.


Score: 9/10