Warner Bros. developing Harley Quinn spin-off movie with Margot Robbie

It appears like Margot Robbie steals the show as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad based on what we’ve seen in the trailers, and apparently Warner Bros. agrees! The Hollywood Reporter says that Warner Bros. is developing a Harley Quinn spin-off movie, which Robbie would star in and produce as well.

But this wouldn’t be a Harley Quinn solo movie, instead, it would feature a cast of female DC Comics heroes and villains. Details are still under wraps, but The Hollywood Reporter has heard names like Batgirl and Birds of Prey thrown around.

Margot Robbie’s producer credit comes from the fact that this was all her idea. The Hollywood Reporter says she fell in love with DC’s female characters while researching comics for her Suicide Squad role, and pitched the project to Warner Bros.

It sounds like this is all in the very early stages at this point, but if Suicide Squad is the big hit that it looks like it’ll be, expect this project to get a greenlight over at Warner Bros. soon. Stay tuned to Batman News for more on this exciting new possibility!

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter