Margot Robbie spoofs Christian Bale in ‘American Psycho’ parody (video)

In 2003 when Christian Bale was cast as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s reboot the first movie of his that I watched was American Psycho. He starred as serial killer Patrick Bateman and gave a chilling performance, one that assured many fans that he’d be a great Bruce Wayne/Batman. Jared Leto also had a major role.

Now another Batman actor is taking on American Psycho, and her name is Margot Robbie. As part of her Vogue cover shoot, Robbie shot a short film spoofing the opening scene of American Psycho that highlights Patrick Bateman’s beauty routine.

Check out “Australian Psycho” starring Margot Robbie in the video above. It’s pretty funny! You can also check out Christian Bale’s original scene below, but it’s NSFW due to some nudity.

Margot Robbie made headlines today when news broke that she’s in the early stages of developing a Harley Quinn/DC female hero/villain movie with Warner Bros.