The first ‘Powerless’ trailer is here, and Aquaman gets a cringeworthy shout-out

Update: As expected, someone posted the Powerless trailer a little early. NBC just pulled it down. I’ll put up the trailer as soon as NBC posts it to their own YouTube channel.

The first trailer for Powerless premiered earlier this week at NBC’s Upfront presentation in NYC, and a digital copy has found its way online a little early (via reddit).

Powerless is an office comedy set in the world of DC Comics, and the trailer kicks off with Crimson Fox saving Vanessa Hudgens from a derailed train. Apparently this kind of danger in the city is all too common, because Hudgens doesn’t seem phased at all. She’s just annoyed that she’s going to be late for work.

Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman all get shout-outs in the trailer. “Ugh, I want to nail Aquaman so hard!” one worker proclaims. Let me know what you think about the first trailer for Powerless in the comments below!