Titans Hunt #8 review


YAY! The Titans unite together to take down Mr. Twister, who was actually doing the dirty work for a being out in the universe, but that’s besides the point. The point is. It’s finally over. Or is it?

Gnarrk, Arsenal, and Lilith make their way to the top of the mountain where Donna, Dick, and Garth are at to bring down Mr. Twister; It’s funny seeing them make their way to meet the other half of the Titans, because as of now, they don’t remember each other. It’s basically like “Hey guys, what’s up? We’re ready to fight.” I guess I can’t complain that there weren’t any introductions, since they are trying to save their own lives. But still. I wanted something.

TH8-2 TH8-4

Can you just feel how intense this scene is? There’s that glow under Mr. Twister’s face that sort of reminds you of the Wicked Witch.. especially with that stick by his side. Poor Malcolm!! – He’s suffering really bad, but then in the next couple of frames, he gets up super quickly. Ha.


The apocalypse? That’s way too scary.

There was a lot of going back and forth between our characters and Mr. Twister. This is one villain that you couldn’t figure out how they were going to get through to him, but then we saw that he started becoming a solid human being when the Titans got together, it was easy to figure out how they were going to defeat him. THEN HE OPENED THAT PORTAL and as the reader, it freaked me out. Like, whoa. Knock, knock. Who’s there.



These frames, I loved. The symbolism of them maturing and growing up from their old superhero aliases and standing up for who they were today (in the comic book world, ha.) I just liked how it made me feel inside; a little bit of confidence never hurt anyone. At the end, I still felt that this big fight ended too quickly!! I wanted to see more of what Mr. Twister could do. We really only saw him take mind control, have someone else open some portal, try to put people down, and do some sort of telekinesis when the Titans realized they could start fighting him physically. It was a good ending though. Every frame that Mr. Twister came out in, was so artistic. It was dark, it was creepy, and it displayed the personality characteristics that they have been building him up to be. Honestly, the artwork was good all-around with all the Titans. There were a few times where Mr. Twister was shown bigger than the Titan, even though in other frames he appeared to be the same size. Not sure if that’s what they were going for.

The Good: We got to see the Titans rise up to their name and take control of the situation as a team. I really enjoyed that. This also begs the question to find out who the tenth Titan was (that actually replaces Karen Duncan, Bumblebee); REALLY wanted that answer already.

The Bad: The build-up to the Titans being brought together and working as a team, was done really well, but then when they brought Mr. Twister in the picture, it didn’t collide so well. It is ten against one, but you would think someone who tried so hard to bring them together and beat them in the lifetime before, would’ve lasted a lot longer.


Love how this diner scene ends, right where we started at in the first comic book issue.




Recommended If:

  • You like watching the Titans kick some BUTT.
  • You want to see a pregnant Bumblebee doing more damage to Mr. Twister than any other Titan.


Overall: Did you get closure? The Titans were able to defeat Mr. Twister, but this isn’t completely over. Lilith in the final scenes discusses with the team that they need to take “measures to protect themselves.” Which, I can see why. If he came back for a second time, what makes you think that he won’t come back for a third? There isn’t much to talk about now that Mr. Twister is gone and we were able to find out what his plan was, but I don’t think we’re done with him just yet. The Titans better be prepared for the next time that he comes around.


Score: 6/10