Batman Beyond #13 review


CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?! Part two of ‘Wired for Death’ is something else and I’m just going to get right into it, because of REASONS. Recap of the first part: Commissioner Gordon (Barbara), starts reminiscing about the days when Bruce was obsessed with finding out what had happened with the disappearance of Tim Drake. Terry McGinnis went crazy, looking for Drake to mostly please Bruce, but also to find out what happened to this legendary Batman. Flash forward and now we have Terry who died and Drake came back to pick up the pieces of what he could – he’s not that great of a Batman… sometimes, but he’s been successfully getting the job done.

Part two brings us more to the story about Drake’s disappearance in the past, but with Rewire in the picture, it gets a whole lot crazier that I’m seriously thinking I should’ve not taken this energy drink. I may be experiencing a heart attack, I’m not so sure. SO. Batman had an altercation with Rewire (who came about in the previous issue) and totally messed up his suit, well his suit wasn’t exactly working. We figured Rewire had something to do with it, obviously. I liked the way the introduction to this story started in this issue, Jurgens gives us a flashback into Drake’s life and him thinking he’s about to die, but Commissioner Gordon comes to the rescue! Shocking him back to life and consciousness, Batman goes back to headquarters to find out what is wrong with his suit and who the hell is Rewire.


Rewire is needing some charging, because he’s after these battery packs, which may or may not be used for a super-weapon. MAY OR MAY NOT. I just want to ruin this ending already for you guys, but I won’t. But it’s juicy.

Something that I’m definitely going to bring up in this review, is the way that Jurgens wrote it and the way that the creative team backed him up on it. They successfully were able to write the present AND the past, after this image that I pulled up, until the issue ended. AMAZING. That’s the reason why I gave it the score that I did.


McGinnis trying to get some info from Terminal about Drake’s disappearance.

Seriously though. I could not stop reading this story and I had to go back several times to make sure I took in every detail. The way that Batman Beyond had already set up the past flashbacks in the previous issue to continue the storyline in this one (not just because it’s a four-part story), but because it flowed nicely and you were able to understand it. One easy way to tell what was the past and what was the present, would be the differentiation of the color scheme. As you can see in the photo above and the rest that I’ll be putting on here, the past has a light blue background (or I’ll even call it a watermark background), to where the present has the antique, but vibrant colors.

Back to the story that I can’t wait to spoil for you guys (yeah, don’t click on the spoilers if you don’t want to BE SPOILED), McGinnis went to Terminal to find out where the heck was Drake (even though Bruce had already done his investigations). One thing led to another and Terminal easily got him to be exactly where he wanted him, The Joker’s den (some funeral home).


REWIRE is at the same funeral home where McGinnis had gone to look for Drake!! What a coincidence… The scenes after this feel like a rush, because everything is happening so fast! Rewire is trying to take Batman down and then Batman kind of takes Rewire down. Rewire is attempting to explain how he did not murder anyone and if he had to put Batman down, it’s because technically Batman came looking for him, not the other way around. *SPOILER BECAUSE I CAN’T KEEP IT IN ANYMORE.*





Rewire is able to take Batman and shock him again, but that battle took a toll on him and he explains why he needs the batteries. It’s saving his life.  This was shocking. Like I honestly did not see that one coming.




The Good: There is a lot of good and I’m sure you were able to tell from my review, but I’ll quickly mention them again. The story, was downright amazing. Jurgens did a great job in bringing in the past and present scenes in this entire issue, without getting us confused. The creative team helped out a lot, by making sure they were distinctly pointing out what was from the past and what we were seeing right now.

The Bad: Hmm. I’m going to think about this one. Actually, I would like for y’all to tell me. Because I’ve got none.

Recommended If:

  • You want to get your mind blown.
  • Different writing styles are your thing and you want to see Jurgens own it.
  • Terry McGinnis and Tim Drake in one issue is an explosion of open possibilities of so many stories.


Overall: Can we already read part three and part four? I still can’t get over what I just read and my mind is still blown away by this comic book! Now, I’ll put the spoiler below.

SOURCE: 9/10