Exclusive: Jared Leto’s Joker to be featured in Rick Ross and Skrillex ‘Suicide Squad’ music video

Last night, Jared Leto put his Joker costume back on and shared some pictures on Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. This left fans wondering why. Were there very late Suicide Squad reshoots going on? Was he in London for Justice League? The answer to both of those theories is no!

Sources tell Batman News that Leto was in Miami shooting a music video for Rick Ross and Skrillex’s new song (don’t know the title yet), which will be included on the Suicide Squad soundtrack. Apparently the music video will feature the Joker himself!

The song premiered earlier this year at WAV Nightclub in Atlantic City. It’s hard to make out all of the words, but you can definitely hear “Suicide Squad”, “Gotham City”, “Killer Croc”, and “purple Lamborghini”, a reference to Joker’s car in the movie (though it’s not actually a Lamborghini, it’s a custom Vaydor 35).

Take a listen below and be on the look out for the music video featuring Jared Leto as The Joker. I’ll get it posted here on Batman News as soon as it’s released.

Update: The Suicide Squad music video drops on July 1st, according to Atlantic Records EVP Kevin Weaver.