Could Channing Tatum be leaving ‘Gambit’ for a DC Comics movie?

Last weekend Batman News reported that director Rick Famuyiwa started following a bunch of DC Twitter accounts, and speculated that he may have landed a job at Warner Bros. for a superhero movie. A few days ago it was confirmed that Famuyiwa will direct The Flash.

This weekend I wanted to speculate on a different aspect of Famuyiwa’s Twitter activity. I noted it last weekend, but let’s focus on it in more detail now. Maybe it’ll be big news next week! In the middle of following DC Comics actors and movie accounts, Famuyiwa followed Channing Tatum.

Rick Famuyiwa Channing Tatum
One of these things is not like the other…

I’ve been following Tatum’s Gambit movie on my other website, Superhero News, and things aren’t looking good. It lost its original director, has been delayed multiple times, and there was even a report that said Tatum was close to walking away from it completely. Maybe he did.

What if Channing Tatum walked away from Marvel and Fox’s Gambit movie, and has been cast in a DC Comics role?

This is obviously just pure speculation on my part, but my gut says that this isn’t a coincidence. What do you think? Am I crazy? If I’m not, who do you think Tatum should play in the DC Extended Universe? Sound off in the comments below!