Director James Wan explains why he picked ‘Aquaman’ over ‘The Flash’

Shutterstock - James Wan - Kathy Hutchins
Shutterstock - James Wan - Kathy Hutchins

Director James Wan is currently doing some press for his new movie, The Conjuring 2, so naturally he’s talking about the DC Films Universe as well.

In an interview with Uproxx, Wan revealed that he had the choice between directing Aquaman or The Flash. Here’s why he picked the underwater hero:

Was it always Aquaman? Or were other DC movies in the mix?

It was, well, oh jeez, this would be a big tidbit: They asked me which of the two characters I’d be interested in and it was between The Flash and Aquaman.

A lot of people might have picked The Flash. That’s interesting. How did you weigh those two?

This is how I weighed it: For me, we’ve seen various versions of The Flash…

There’s a current popular television show.

Exactly. There’s a popular show on TV and there was a great one in the ‘90s.

I watched every episode.

Exactly. I loved that Flash! But the thing that ultimately pushed me more towards Aquaman is I love the possibility of creating a whole new world. I’ve always wanted to do a world creation story and visually create this amazing, incredible, magical kingdom. And also, I love the fact that Aquaman is an underdog character. I love the fact that people like to make fun of him. [Laughs.] I feel the bar is a lot lower and I can have fun with him!

We learned last week that Rick Famuyiwa will helm The Flash, and he’s already preparing for the job with a huge stack of comic books.

SOURCE: Uproxx