‘Batman v Superman’ cinematographer changes his tune on the Ultimate Edition

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cinematographer Larry Fong received some unwanted headlines last week. In a brutally honest tweet, Fong said that fans of the movie will like the Ultimate Edition, while people who hated it will still hate the extended cut.

It was a weird thing to say, considering a lot of fans were hoping the Ultimate Edition would fix some of the problems they had with the theatrical version. Well, it sounds like someone got a stern talking to from Warner Bros…

Today, Fong pulled a complete 180, and now thinks that everyone will love the Ultimate Edition. Check out his new opinion below, which reads like it was written by someone in the Warner Bros. marketing department.

That Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition will be available on Digital HD on June 28th and Blu-ray on July 19th. You can pre-order it on Amazon now.