Teen Titans Go! Digital Issue #32 review


The Batmobile: sweetest ride ever, or sweetest ride ever?

I think we all know the answer.

Shoutout to Burt Ward's stunt double, a true unsung hero.
Shoutout to Burt Ward’s stunt double, a true unsung hero.

Be it live-action, animated, in a video game, or on the printed page, cruising Gotham’s streets or patrolling its skies, Batman’s whip is inarguably one of the sweetest set of wheels ever.  The only thing I can think of that could possibly rival it is the Millennium Falcon, and even then it’s a tight race.

Given the chance, wouldn’t we all like to take it for a spin?

Yes.  Yes we would.

The Titans prove to be no different than the rest of us when Robin is left alone on a “critical mission” to wax the Batmobile, as they take the opportunity to do what anyone in their right mind would:


I mean, there is the lingering specter of Batman’s wrath were he to find out about the excursion, but come on: it’s the Batmobile.

This book is back in fine form with the team of Sholly Fisch and Marcelo Di Chiara writing and illustrating, respectively, and they bring a winning chapter by highlighting the book’s strengths: namely, Easter eggs and goofy humor.

A handy map is included so you too can make the same stops as the Titans on your next cross-country trip.
A handy map is included so you too can make the same stops as the Titans on your next cross-country trip.

The issue is almost wall-to-wall jokes, and really, that’s all the premise needs.  From in-jokes and references in the background (wonderfully colored by Jeremy Lawson) to snappy lines of dialogue, I laughed out loud multiple times during the 22 digital pages.  My favorite line?  Starfire coercing Robin by hitting him where it hurts.


It’s more fun than I’ve had with this book in months, and from the opening page to the inevitable appearance of Batman (and Gordon), it’s a great time through and through.


To cap it off, here’s a new reaction picture for you to use at your leisure.


Just be civil with each other, chums.

Recommended if:

  • You enjoy the TV show.
  • You want some good, genuine laughs.
  • Riding in the Batmobile is a life-long dream.

Overall: Good fun from beginning to end, there’s scarcely a joke that doesn’t work.  It’s bright, snappy, silly fun, perfect to enjoy with your kids or, really, if you just want to have a good time as a fan regardless.  I wish the series were more consistently excellent, but it just makes me appreciate great installments like this even more.

SCORE: 8.5/10