Earth 2: Society #13 review


As I was starting to write this comic book review, I kept thinking how it was a breath of fresh air reading this story from all the other ones that I have been reviewing.  I feel like this comic book should be getting more attention, because the artwork is simply outstanding and this a complete different Earth 2 than we are accustomed to.  Let me refresh your memory and get back to where we’re at now. Kendra Munoz-Saunders has agreed to be the ambassador for Fury and Queen Marella to speak to the heroes that have been taking care of this new Earth. They had to re-create this Earth with just memories from the past, losing a lot of the old heroes we were used to, because of the war that these Superheroes and Super-villains brought every time. They decided to finally settle down into this similar type of Earth, but ended up finding out that there were no natural resources to sustain the lives of the people now living here. So what does that mean? Basically, nobody wants these heroes in charge AND Green Lantern settled that by using his ring to provide a temporary source of power for this new Earth.


With that being said though, we have come to realize that there is someone else on the playing field, attempting to rule this Earth and Green Lantern giving up his ring was part of the plan. These children had their genes manipulated to function as the age of older teenagers and are under the control of someone or something. Do I completely trust Fury and Queen Marella? No. Apparently, even the characters that we have been getting to know don’t either. I don’t blame them. They have seen wars over and over again up to now, what makes them not think that these two power-players can also bring another war to just rule Earth-2? Dodds has a great quote that says, “Her track record is lousy. Her agenda is never clear. Is she a Wonder Woman or is she is a Super-Villain?”


Whenever scenes like this come up in comic books, it reminds me of war scenarios with the president surrounded by his cabinet. Love it. It emphasizes the importance of the issue at hand.

As I mentioned before, I don’t trust Fury. She doesn’t even admit how she was able to keep the Amazonians alive, only by slightly detailing how she has the Pandora Vessel that was able to sustain her civilization. This Pandora Vessel is a BIG DEAL. It can obviously bring the memory of someone back to life as if they were still there. I’m not surprised that Batman wants to bring his family back (remember, we don’t really know too much about his history) and Helen Wayne would do anything, to bring back Bruce Wayne (as seen in previous issues.) We’ve all seen it in movies… if something is too good to be true, then it might not be.


Helena and Batman bonding over the thought of bringing back their loved ones with the mention of the Pandora Vessel.

For such a good comic book, I have no idea why this particular issue felt short. Obviously, this is one issue that is setting up the story for the upcoming issues to go, DUH. This is part one of “A Whole New World” (and I’m not talking about the Aladdin story here); Though, I am curious to find out where this new world is going to take us. We have just somewhat pleased this civilization by handing them Alan’s power, but it’s going to take more than that to still put this society into order. Not by ruling them or by taking over completely. They need to find the balance between helping this Earth-2 Society and making them realize that these heroes are there to fight for them, not against them.

The Good: Fury seems to have some sort of master plan to revitalize this civilization of Earth-2, but we’re not completely sure if that is the plan. Our heroes have already decided that being fully in charged is not necessarily a good thing. Why? The wars back in the old Earth, basically have mentally destroyed the image of a “good” superhero. Too much power to them means – you heroes are going to destroy our new Earth, YET AGAIN, and then we’re going to lose our family and loved ones, like it happened BEFORE. The story is progressing, a little slower than usual, but that’s normal as this is part one of a new chapter in Earth 2: Society. Let’s talk art. In most of the beginning frames with Fury in them, we can see that her image is larger than everyone around the room. Even on the big screen where Dodds was located at, Fury is seen with her head raised slightly up, to show the power that she brings to the table. The colors are beautiful and have been since this comic book started (so that’s nothing new), but I’m putting this in “The Good” section, because every outline and every feature on our heroes are shadowed with a color blend of their ‘uniform’. Every page on this comic book, can literally be an individual photo frame on your wall. It’s that good.

The Bad: I know we have finally be introduced to this background villain, but I don’t enjoy having to find out slowly where they come from. Where did Ultrahumanite come from? Where has he been this entire time that these other villains have popped up? If this guy really is a mastermind of bringing Alan to give up his Green Lantern ring, then how did he make that happen? Also, I’m not sure how I feel that these children are part of his villainy-team. (Ha, Villainy.. shoot me for that one.) My guess. These children will be broken from Ultrahumanite’s spell and go back to being their actual ages… and go to their families? I don’t know. Still working on that theory. Though, if you’re familiar with Ultrahumanite, you know his abilities and how smart he is. Want to see his form in this comic book? Spoiler Below.



Recommended If:

  • You like females in charge. Literally. Fury is one feisty woman.
  • You want to see what Ultrahumanite can do.


Score: 5/10