Big ‘Suicide Squad’ news is coming tomorrow?

Earlier this week Suicide Squad director David Ayer teased that big things were coming, but tonight he got a little more specific. The former US Navy submarine sailor sent out a cryptic tweet in Morse code. Thanks to a handy online translator, Batman News has deciphered the message. It reads “TOMORROW”.

Update 06/17/16: “Suicide Squad: The Album” was officially announced today. I suppose that might the news that David Ayer was teasing, however, the news broke a little early yesterday on Amazon. Oh well. There’s still lots of big news coming soon.

Ayer deleted the tweet shortly after sending it, but I took a screenshot!

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.46.17 PM BN

Last night, the band Twenty One Pilots sent out their own Morse code message. It translates to “TAKEITSLOW”.

Just today, it was revealed that Twenty One Pilots will have a song called “Heathens” on the Suicide Squad soundtrack. We already know that Jared Leto shot a music video as the Joker for another song on the soundtrack, so my guess is that Twenty One Pilots shot a Suicide Squad themed music video that will be coming out tomorrow. Maybe your favorite members of the squad will pop up in it?

Stay tuned to Batman News for whatever the big Suicide Squad news ends up being!